Monday, May 7, 2012

Submitting Articles..

So for my assignment this week I had to submit my article on McDonalds and decided to submit it to SACHING.COM a site that accepts online articles for free.

Going into this process is interesting for me, because letting people in through my thoughts is not a complete foreign idea to me, but it could also be a very sensitive idea for me. In the past I’ve been known for my writing poetry and short stories and I could remember going out and reciting my poetry and feeling very nervous because people could be so critical about others and their crafts. So I think that it would be safe for me to say that I feel very nervous about submitting my article and what others will think about it.

Well now that I’ve submitted it, I can say that I feel good it’s my thoughts and one thing I have to understand is just that the article is MY THOUGHTS. Again I had to think about when I was reciting and how I used my nerves to get through expressing myself and how great after I felt. I guess you could say that I have used them in this cause to submit my writings, my thought and more importantly me.

I could honestly say that I would be doing this again and feel like the more I do it the better I would become at it.

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