Monday, May 7, 2012

McDonald’s + Infant Formula = BAD IDEA!!!

What was once a rumor has now been announced that McDonalds will be introducing its own brand of infant formula at locations across the country this April. Sources say that there will be two flavors available “McNugget” and “Big Mac” and plans to introduce more “lovely” flavors in the future.

An article found states that the,McFormula offers babies a flavor filled meal so that they can enjoy the McDonald’s experience like the rest of the family and mom and dad can feel confident that their child is receiving nutrition that meets all FDA guidelines.”

Are you kidding me!!! Aren’t we already a country that’s struggling with childhood obesity? And who really trust the FDA anyway?  Aren’t they the ones that have Okayed the already “poisonous” foods on the shelves?

Yeah it’s said that parent groups didn’t only raise eye brows but also major concerns about McDonalds attempting to start early on addicting there children to fast food. But I can only imagine that the parents who would even consider feeding their children this would not be worried first in addicting them and second in childhood obesity.

Although the FDA stated that they had some other major concerns with the flavorings and artificial coloring that McD’s chose to add, eventually they were able to come up with some changes that where sufficient for the FDA. 

The FDA also had one other demand before fully accepting the “poison” I mean formula and that was the formula had to also be available in stores. I guess the FDA was attempting to show some heart by requiring it be sold in stores. The article stated, The FDA would not allow the product to be sold only at McDonald’s locations because parents would not have access to the same formula when away from a McDonald’s restaurant. Trying to switch your child’s formula can sometimes produce an upset stomach and a picky eater.”

It’s very clear that economically we are going through some rough times however does this make it ok for us to start our children off with unhealthy lifestyles, so they can turn into unhealthy adults? What do we do??

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