Monday, May 7, 2012


Seeking inspiration?? This is something that I look to in many things that I do and even places that I go. To say that only one thing inspires me would be me trying to go the easy route in writing this; however I have to stay true to myself.

I could remember as a child one day telling my mother just how beautiful I though the earth was, all the tress and the animals even the people. Needless to say some of my views about that has changed, but could say that I still find beauty in everything, and could say that this is one of my inspirations “life”. It’s funny because as I write this it also reminds me that the things that inspirer you could easily be forgotten when you’re feeling down and out of even going through rough patches in “life”.  To go in more depth I would say that being able to wake every morning and enjoy what my maker has yet again blessed me with inspires me.

I’ve applied my inspiration to my writing in many ways, I have been known to write a little poetry and can say each one of those writing have come directly from my inspiration. It definitely has guided my writing style and giving me great ideas for more things to write about. But I would have to say that instead of my writing style blocking my inspiration, some time I deal with my inspiration blocking my writing style. I’ve contributed it to sensory overloud. Sometime I feel like so much is going on in the life that it alone blocks us and stops us from seeing our true blessing.   

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